All you need to know for camping

How to enjoy outside camping?

largeMost people who live in urban surroundings, with all the benefits of modern civilization, ranging from bathroom to wi-fi, are, at least, sceptic about camping trips and spending time in the great outdoors. However, spending time in nature can be a very pleasant, uplifting and revealing experience, without much effort invested, contrary to belief of most. There are simple rules to follow, some time that has to put into preparations and, maybe most importantly,a bit of will and good spirit to keep a smile on your face during the camping trip. Although, once you ex
perience the wonders of nature and once you expose yourself to some clear water, sunny skies and scenic sigths, that smile will not come of your face for days to come…
So, first thing you have to do is to figure our what kind of camper are you? There are several paths to follow here: you might be and adventorous camper, a damant to reach the summit of the mountain before you, at any cost, or, you might be the opposite kind, that basic camper, who would like to get to the mountain top, but only if there is a safe, fun route to get there. Some people like that Bear Grylls, survivalist type of camping, where you go out to the wilds with nothing but your knife and a water bottle. Whichever way you opt for, make sure you prepare adequatly, because preparation is the key when it comes to camping.
Preparation, as said, is the absolute law in camping. Sum up a checklist and gather what you need; do not be overzealous and bring the kitchen sink, but be careful not to skip the essential stuff.
Bring food, concentrate on tinned goods, instant so ups and other packaged items. There are many kinds of canned food today which can be great on camping trips but make sure you bring a can opener. Also, barbecues in the nature are a godsend, but first be positive that building a fire is allowed in the area where you want to set up your tent. Also, do not forget the matches and keep them in a waterproof bag.
Choose your spot wisely: set up your tent near water, avoid pitching under a tree, but try to find suitable wind cover. Find an elevated spot of land to avoid possible flooding. Clear the land of stones and twigs before you set up. Also, try to get there on time, because pitching a tent in darkness or under the light of a small fire can be problematic. Make sure you remain dry because wet clothes, shoes and socks, are the worst enemy of a good camping trip. Try to be kind towards nature and leave the site you camped on as clean and pristine as it was when you arrived. Pick up all the litter, avoid using chemicals and recycle.
In the end, even though all these rules might seem burdening, keep a positive attitude and that famous smile on your face and do not take all this as a military exercise. Be inventive and resourceful and camping will become your second nature! You will enjoy every camping trip because the rules will become part of you, you will be open for new experiences and you will learn to value the nature which surrounds you.

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